“Aimée, a young acoustic singer with a velveteen, celtic-sounding singing voice… a very promising talent….her voice and guitar work were lovely” – From audience member at Chloe Reynolds EP Launch

“What a talent. At 15 years old, the youngest performer on the Guilfest Backline Live Acoustic Stage, Aimée performing alongside music legends 10CC and Mungo Jerry delivered a contrasting set of self-penned alongside some well known classic and contemporary tracks. Her vocal prowess and the lyrical content of her songs belies her tender age which alongside the experience and professionalism that she showed in her performance at GuilFest 2010 can only mean that she has a fantastic future ahead of her. Definitely an act to watch in 2011” – Trevor Rapson – Guilfest Acoustic Stage 2010

“She was a great guest and it was our pleasure, I hope she comes in again” – Joe Talbot – BBC Surrey

“I was not only impressed by her musical ability, but also her control of the audience” – Steve Bradford – Loxwood Beer and Music Festival

“…the lyrics were deep and the music cool” – Niky Vanhoeke – Musician

“Hailing from Liphook is the vocal prowess, lyrical genius and sheer musicality of Aimée, successful singer/songwriter and just sweet sixteen” – Haslemere Fringe Festival 2012

“Young Liphook singer Aimée has been performing regularly on the local music scene since she was just 14 years old. In the last couple of years Aimée has also been busy writing and releasing her own songs and already boasts three singles and an EP to her name. She first came to attention of local music lovers when performing at the national finals of “Live and Unsigned” back in 2009, placing in a creditable top 5 position in her category. That same year she was the youngest performer at Guilfest, earning rave reviews on the Acoustic Stage from all that heard her.

Opportunities for more exposure continue to present themselves for this hard working teenager; featured on ‘BBC Introducing – The South’ radio show a few weeks ago, she was given the opportunity to play a number of her own songs to an audience across the South. There is no wonder Aimée has already achieved so much and promises even more to come; adding to a beautiful singing voice, a real talent for song writing and playing the acoustic guitar on most of her tracks is a willingness to keep on promoting her music however she can.Comparisons have been made by others to many singers including Kirsty McColl, Suzanne Vega and Avril Lavigne, but on our featured song ‘The Mask’ it is American country-pop superstar Taylor Swift that immediately comes to mind. More folk than country maybe, especially with the violin accompaniment, but the singing style on the chorus has an unmistakeable country-pop feel.The song itself has a subject that will be familiar to many; peoples internet personas being braver than they would dare be in real life. The video features her younger sister on violin and backing vocals.Other tracks available online showcase a diverse talent from “No Way Out’ an emotional ballad, slower and less pop-friendly which we are told is about “an annoying guy” to ‘Eyes Shut Tight’ with its much rockier edge. ‘Nowhere’ is another sweet pop song and ‘Afraid of the Dark’ the first of her iTunes singles is incredibly catchy.

Aimée keeps up regular performances at local music venues across the region under the banner “Aimée and Friends” ensuring she continues to keep up her profile and share her talents. The singer-songwriter is also supporting Chloe Reynolds at her EP launch at the Farnham Maltings on the 1st December this year.” – Rose Coloured Music 2012

Aimee-McKenzieAimée has become a fan favourite down Folking Live over the last year and with good reason.  Her bubbly music combines with her earnest, tender vocals to bring you one of the best contemporary folk acts on the circuit.

While she’s had a few singles available for download on iTunes in recently years we have finally managed to get our hands on a copy of her debut EP, the Hotham Park House Demos.  As you can expect from an EP it’s never quite long enough when you have an artist of this caliber but it’s a wonderful representation of what you can expect to come and more importantly, what you can expect to see at one of her live shows.

With such a wide variety of songs, it’s clear that Aimée has put a lot of effort into choosing her track list.  Each song is a clear fan favourite from our experiences of seeing her on stage.  It opens up with The Argument; a dramatic, quick and plucky folk song with impeccable fiddle playing from her younger sister Freya and quickly progresses through a set list that includes the gentle acoustic lullaby The Silence and into the bouncing tumultuous song that is Counting Sheep.  Counting Sheep backs up Aimée’s stunning vocals with a rousing fiddle tune, mirthful guitar and the eager beats of Ross on cajon.  The best song is left for last however, closing the EP with The Real Question – a surprisingly upbeat tale about the melancholia of having to grow up.  It’s an astonishing song as it carefully walks a tender line of something fragile and lost yet without any sense of cloying sentiment.  It’s simply a beautiful and passionate song with an addictively catchy tune and incredibly memorable lyrics.

Aimée isn’t just an incredibly talented musician however, she also shines through her lyrics which are consistently touching and evoke a sense of something both lost and gained.  Her topics are easy to identify with and she doesn’t shy away from anything when she writes.  Her lyrics and her music both compliment her vocals perfectly – she sings with a smooth, honey-dew melodic voice that compels the listener.  It’s a gentle but commanding voice capable of such a range that it allows her music to constantly adapt as you listen.  It is the final touch on an already incredible EP that really separates her from the crowd on the contemporary folk circuit right now.

After waiting what feels like an eternity for this EP to arrive we’re pleased to say the wait was worth it.  It’s a prime example of everything we have come to know and love about Aimée and easily worth the £5 cost.  Now the wait begins for a full-length album…

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Review by Joe Knipe