Track Reviews

Reviews from RawRamp Magazine – Redfest 2012 Edition

Web Of Lies – This song puts a dagger right into your tender heart…yes, the voice can be sweet as lavender flowers but the feeling behind the honeyed words is as twisted, gnarled and eccentric as a briar-wood walking stick

No Way Out – This has an upbeat atmosphere. It’s like the wind blowing in your eyes as you go right up to the edge of the cliff. Pin-pricks of icy guitar puncture the air as the voice rises and falls like a gull on the wing. But this also a stay-at-home “annoying guy song” is about fighting and winning for your own heart.

Truth Be Told – This is a sweet invocation. Smoky layers of chords create a network of soft pillows for the soft petals of voice. Aimée’s voice glides and shimmers over the soothing sounds.